Operating both as a  grower and shipper of fresh produce, Winter Garden Produce Inc. ships cabbage, broccoli and onions statewide and across the nation.  Although Winter Garden Produce began shipping vegetables in 1992, this family owned business includes a farming operation stretching back three generations and dating back to 1950.

Contact Us
Mailing Address /
Winter Garden Produce, Inc.
P.O. Box 1418
Uvalde, TX 78802

Sales Office /                                             Shipping Addess /                                                                                       Winter Garden Produce, Inc.                     Winter Garden Produce, Inc.
1101 N. Camp Street                                  1508 Milam Street
Uvalde, TX 78801                                      Uvalde, TX 78801

Sales Office # / 830-278-3323                 Shipping Office# /  830-278-3314
Fax # / 830-278-7241                               (After 5:00 pm)

Winter Garden Produce / STAFF

President / Sales
J Carnes   jcarnes@wintergardenproduce.com
Vice President
Eddy Carnes   edcarnes@wintergardenproduce.com
Sales Manager
Marshall Myers   mmyers@wintergardenproduce.com
Corporate Sec.
Sharron Carnes   scarnes@wintergardenproduce.com
Quality Control/Food Safety
Mike Willis   mikewillis@wintergardenproduce.com
Accounts Receivable/Payable
Lisa Osina   losina@wintergardenproduce.com


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